Investigating the Investment Scams Industry

Find out about the investments scams as well as the recovery scams and get the resources you need to get your money back

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This site doesn’t sell anything and provides information to help scam victims get oriented. We don’t take any clients, we’re just here to help. We’ll show you good recovery experts and trustworthy regulated brokers if that’s what you want

Understand Your Options

If you’ve been scammed by an unregulated offshore broker, you might think that getting your money back is next to impossible. You are wrong. Each case is unique, but there is a strategy for each situation. 

There Is Help For You

To recover your funds, don’t trust shady strangers with a gmail account found on an online forum. They might as well be scammers themselves. Talk to real recovery experts, the ones scammers don’t want you to to find out about.

Be done with the scams

Get information about scam brokers and fake recovery businesses. Find out your best options so you can get your money back.

Is Your Broker A Scam Broker?

We have not reviewed all the brokers out there yet but we have an extensive list of commonly known scam brokers.

Assets Recovery Scams

There are many fake recovery businesses on the internet who want to take advantage of your situation and scam you again with the promise of returning your funds.

What is a chargeback?

A powerful tool available to you is the CHARGEBACK. This is the process of getting your credit card company to reverse charges and retrieve the funds you sent to your broker.

I know…

Getting Scammed Is A Terrible Experience

I’ve been there myself and this is the reason why I built this website. I want to provide you with the information I wish I had when I first discovered about this massive scam industry. This website gathers hours and hours of research and provides you with a safe path to recovering your money.

Get your money back

If the right action is taken quickly enough, you can get your money back

The purpose of this website is warning people against investment scams and steering victims towards a safe path to funds recovery before it’s too late.

We are in contact with many people who are fighting these investments scams. We share intel with various anti-fraud organizations. We constantly research the web to locate fake recovery businesses to expose them.

This is the fund recovery business You Can Trust

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Resources & Articles

Why Chargeback Is Your Best Tool

If you have been scammed by a binary options or forex broker and they will not give you your money back, then you should start the process of reversing the charges on your credit cards.

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How I Recovered 42K$ from a SCAM Broker

This is how I recovered 42K$ from a SCAM Broker This 20 minutes video contains important information for you to recover your funds, so you might want to make sure you are in the right space for itStand up to the scammers. Stand up to the banks.Get a call back form...

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