BaFin Germany Regulated Forex Brokers

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority better known by its abbreviation BaFin is the financial regulatory authority for Germany. It is an independent federal institution with headquarters in Bonn and Frankfurt and falls under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Forex brokers in Germany are regulated by the “Federal Financial Supervisory Authority” or “BaFin” which stands for “Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht”, a well-known financial supervisor created in 2002 and controlled by the “Federal Ministry of Finance” in Germany. BaFin ensures that all approved companies fully comply with the regulations and do not deviate from the standards. BaFin FX brokers are also required to comply with the “German Securities Industry Law” and its guidelines and directives. BaFin is responsible for regularly investigating and auditing the financial activities of registered companies in order to check their status regarding the capital adequacy and the security of client funds in separate accounts. You will find below the list of Forex brokers registered by BaFin from Germany.

These established regulated Forex brokers

are licensed with Germanys’ BaFin


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Min Deposit $5
Micro, Standard, Zero
Leverage up to 1:888
Floating Spreads

Forex, CFDs, Metals, Energies, Stocks
MT4 & 5, Web, Mobile Platforms
Bank wire, Credit cards, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney


Regulation: FCA, CySEC, ASIC
BaFin license: #124161
Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Cyprus, UK, Australia




Min Deposit $1
Cent, Mini, Classic, ECN
Unlimited leverage
Floating & Fixed Spreads

Forex, CFDs, Metals, Energies
MT4 & 5, Web, Mobile Platforms
Bank wire, Credit cards, Webmoney, FasaPay, Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney & more


Regulation: CySEC, FCA
BaFin license: #133806
Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Cyprus


Forex Time

Min Deposit $5
Cent, Micro, ECN
Leverage up to 1:1000
Floating Spreads

Forex, CFDs, Metals, Energies, Stocks
MT4 & 5, Web, Mobile Platforms
Bank wire, Credit cards, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney.


Regulation: FCA, CySEC, IFSC
BaFin license: #141282
Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Cyprus


BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers Rules

The “Federal Financial Supervisory Authority” or “Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht”, an autonomous federal supervisory body created under the “Financial Services and Integration Act” in 2002, is responsible for regulating banks, companies insurance and financial service providers such as Forex brokerage. companies, investment firms and financial advisers in Germany. In addition, the overall operation of “BaFin” is supervised by the German Federal Ministry of Finance. In 2002, three regulatory entities, namely “the Federal Office for Banking Supervision”, “the Federal Office for Supervision of the Securities Industry” and “the Federal Office for Insurance Supervision” were united to create BaFin. This unification placed all financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, credit providers, brokerage firms and the stock markets under full regulatory oversight which oversaw all financial behavior related to Germany. BaFin’s priority is to ensure that the German economy remains secure, healthy and above all transparent. In addition, it strives to build investor confidence in market integrity. BaFin supervises many financial institutions, including 1,780 banks, 573 insurance companies, 676 financial service providers and much more in Bonn and Frankfurt am Main. BaFin ensures that banks and financial service providers are creditworthy enough to meet their obligations to their customers and treat them in accordance with standard codes of ethics to create a safe and trustworthy financial environment for investors.

To further protect investors, BaFin carefully monitors financial providers who do not have the appropriate authorization. The scope of its supervision extends to both issuers of financial services and customers. The former are checked for creditworthiness, product quality and fair dealing practices, while the latter are assured of sufficient confidence in the global financial system. To establish a stable and healthy market atmosphere, BaFin, under the Bank Act (KWG), is determined to uproot money laundering by using a centralized computer system to record all account data (including information from their owners) provided by all BaFin approved companies.

Financial and credit institutions (e.g. banks) are regulated in areas such as status and management capacity, credibility, capital requirements, etc. before receiving the license. BaFin also conducts regular surveys of these institutions to confirm their compliance with laws and regulations. Regulated companies, enterprises and financial investment organizations are required to submit their financial statements / audit registers, monthly internal transaction registers and solvency / liquidity status to BaFin. If the companies surveyed act outside the framework of laws and provisions, BaFin will treat them by sanctioning sanctions which, in serious cases, may even lead to the cancellation of the license. The same set of rules and regulations applies to all insurance companies, pension fund providers (also burial funds) and holding companies under BaFin regulation. BaFin’s valuations and valuations are in perfect harmony with the Deutsche Bundesbank. In addition, it aims to make the German markets a safe and secure environment for securities and derivatives in accordance with the Securities Trading Act (WpHG). In addition, BaFin must monitor financial crimes such as insider trading which could tarnish the reputation of the German markets. Its responsibilities also extend to monopoly matters, under the Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act 2002, when the ownership of one business is transferred or merged with that of another.

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