Warning: Trade 12 is a definite scam. There are lots of warnings against this company on all review sites and a long list of very unhappy customers. UK and Canada FCA have warnings issued against them. 

They present themselves as cutting-edge sophisticated investment professionals promising you attractive profits but in fact, they send you down a money drain and never let you withdraw your money. Their scam is highly elaborate and is running like a real business but the clients are being played to lose through platform manipulation.

If you have invested with this illegal organisation, you should consider that you have been scammed and start looking at your options to reverse your credit card charges


Global Fin Services Limited trading as Trade 12 

Exo Capital Markets Ltd                   registered in Marshall Islands Island

Address: Langley House, Park Road, London N2 8EY

Telephone: 020 3700 0000, 020 3769 7189, 020 3769 9872, 020 7066 1000



Trade12 is an unregulated offshore forex broker.

It states that it “acts in full compliance with European and international legislation and regulatory standards”, but it is often mentioned in the warnings of national regulators operating in their respective jurisdictions without an appropriate license.

In 2016 alone, there were two warnings from the New Zealand FMA, the Italian Consob and the CySEC, while the Russian self-regulatory body KROUFR put the Trade12 blacklist on complaints. of customers. In addition, Trade12 is often accused of fraud by its customers (on its Facebook page) and discusses at length the forums of the way they stole it.

We believe that these two facts are sufficient reasons not to deal with them at all and to look for another regulated broker. There are many, regulated by the UK FCA or the Australian regulator, for example. Usually, honest and reputable foreign exchange brokers are regulated by a national or provincial financial market supervisory body, as required by the legislation of most countries. The regulation ensures better protection for customers and the company’s activities.

Trade12 is an unregulated offshore broker, but unlike many others, it seems to have a well-thought-out marketing campaign and strives to look like a true regulator. There seems to be an active approach to attracting customers – there is advertising with Mike Tyson and free tickets to the Australian Open final, which was the thing at the time of writing this review.

All of this seems very good, if not for customer complaints, that Trade12 has very fraudulent practices and scams its customers. We suggest you avoid this broker and choose a regulated one. There are many with similar, if not better, trading conditions.

Have You Invested With This Broker?

If you sent money to this broker, you have very little chances of getting it back without putting a fight. So you need to start looking at your options. I’ve put together some information to help you understand the options available to you. 

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