Swift Recovery Review

You are here because you lost some money to an investment scam, such as Binary Options, Forex Trading or Cryptocurrency Mining. So you are now searching the web to find some help to get your money back and you came across a website called swiftrecovery.eu and you want to know if they are good at helping people recover their money.

Should you trust Swift Recovery?

Because you lost money to an investment scam, you fall into a very specific category target market. First of all you have (or had) money. Second, you are desperate about getting it back which will make you avid to trust anyone who claims to be able to help you recover your money. This puts you in a vulnerable position of being scammed again by people pretending to offer recovery services when in fact they will do no such things. It appears swiftrecovery.eu falls in that category.

How to tell if Swift Recovery is a reputable business?

First of all, by scanning through the website swiftrecovery.eu , I can’t find any evidence of real people working there. All I find is a typical 5 pages site with stock photos for testimonials. There are no evidence of actual cases Swift Recovery would have won, no videos of happy customers. Some of the social media links are bogus. The terms and services link and legal disclaimer links aren’t working.

The listed address and VAT number points to a UK Collection Agency called Rossendales that is not authorized by the FCA to perform collection.

I tried setting up a consultation and never heard back from Swift Recovery.

Swift Recovery is not a legitimate business

I know, it’s aweful to think about it, scammers pretending to be recovery businesses to scam even more desperate people who already got scammed sounds lower than lowlife, but it’s happening and you should be cautious who you trust to help you recover your money.

Swiftrecovery.eu is a fake website, do not trust this company.

It is designed by fraudsters to confuse fraud victims by leading them into false recovery direction so they lose precious time at fighting back transactions. Do not trust this website instead, follow this link to get the help you need 

Read this review of swiftrecovery.eu from Trust Pilot

Here is the listed address and VAT number you can find on the swiftrecovery.eu website

Almost identical information can be found on the Rossendales Limited website. This is what the FCA refers as a clone firm fraud.

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