Have You Been Scammed By A Binary Options or Forex Broker?

“It might actually be hard to believe that your broker could steal your money. They could make you believe that you’ve lost it all to the markets. In fact it was gone the moment you send it to them.”

If the forex broker you have invested with is unregulated, there is a very good chance that he is not playing by the rules and that your money might have gone into the wrong hands. 

For months I believed that I was working with investment professionals. I would get up every day and read the finance news before getting on with my trading day with my broker. Except his name wasn’t really Emmanuel and he wasn’t really in Hong Kong. And I never was able to withdraw my profits nor my investment.
Alex Beaudin

Forex Trading Scam Victim

Here are some of the indicators that your broker is attempting to defraud your investment
  • Welcome Bonus to get you started
  • Refusing to let you withdraw your funds because of low trading volume
  • Causing massive losses in your trading account
  • Manipulating the trading platform to limit your gains and increase your losses
  • Blocking you access to your trading account to force you to repay credit in your account
  • Not answering your calls
  • Not letting you withdraw your profits
  • The balance in your account vanishes when you ask to close your account.
  • You never receive the money they claim to have transferred to you

When it comes to hiring professionals to recover your funds, you need to choose with caution.

First, there are fake ones out there, fraudsters pretending to be legit lawyers or recovery experts. There is really no bottom to their audacity. I am still being sollicited by shady people who want to help me.

Second, not all solutions are the right ones for your situation and you might not get a second chance at recovering your funds so chose wisely. 

There are a number of options out there and I intend on checking them all. So far, the company that has the most positive reviews is MyChargeBack

Be careful who you trust


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